13 February, 2007

To Wifie With All My Love On Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and, as much as the Inner Scrooge would like to give it the ‘bah, humbug’ treatment (after all, it was made up by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382 as a way of schmoozing the king) I can’t help thinking the world needs a Day on which to celebrate Love – and not the soppy, drippy, ‘love for all humankind’ kind of love but the Real Thing; the kind of love that binds people and makes them commit to a lifetime together, and then fills that lifetime with genuine happiness.

I know, it’s rare. But it’s not so rare that you don’t see it from time to time and it isn’t so rare that it didn’t, eventually, happen to me.

So this blog posting is dedicated to my beloved Wifie, with all my heart.

A few years ago, I wrote Wifie a love poem – a sonnet, in fact. It was published and appeared in the Valentine 2000 issue of The Love Blender. And, for those of you who are still reading this (the women, I would guess) here it is.

Sonnet for Christine

Had you a dozen children, we both know
That not a one would but resemble you.
The essence of the woman I love so
Could not be conjured into someone new.
And if you were a genius of note
And penned your life for all to read and share,
The words, no matter with what skill you wrote,
Could not but hint at everything you were.
Your visage may outlive you even so,
Preserved as data, safe in cyberspace,
With all that made you wonderful to know,
Reduced to just the image of your face.
You will not live forever, nor will I,
So let us live in love until we die.

Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers everywhere!

1 comment:

Wifie said...

Thank you, my Angel. I am thankful every day for the rare love we share. I love you.

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