16 February, 2007

New Feature: The Book Shop of the Blog

Way down near the bottom of the right-hand column of this page, in that scruffy, information-dense thicket you never so much as glance at, you will see a section headed 'My Websites'. This is a list of (some of) the other websites I have built and maintain. At the top of that list is a link to my new Book Shop (or 'Book Store' in the vernacular of most English-speaking people - those who speak what Microsoft calls 'English (U.S.)' - in fact 'Bookstore' would be more correct these days I suppose, since, as we become increasingly like our computers, we are finding it harder and harder to deal with spaces between words.)

The thing is, I find I sometimes write about books I've been reading and in my never-ending quest to 'monetize' my every action, it seemed like a good idea to become a franchisee for Amazon (and anyone else who would have me). So, if I ever mention a book and I think it would be worth reading, I shall add it to my book shop (book store, bookstore) so there will be a convenient place to go to buy it. It's a wonderful, win-win, synergistic outcome for all stakeholders! I become rich, as you all empty your bank accounts into Amazon's, and you... er... become the proud owners of a motley miscellany of mail-order merchanise.

Sounds great, eh?

Now, if only I could find a way to make money by clicking the StumbleUpon button, my life would be complete.

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