12 January, 2007

Head Egg

Are you ever silly? Come on now, ‘fess up. Do you ever just play silly games? Well sometimes Wifie and I do. I know. Shocking, isn't it? Like tonight, we started swapping the words ‘egg’ and ‘head’ in common phrases or sayings. For example; ‘You’re doing my egg in,’ ‘I can’t get my egg around it,’ ‘Two eggs are better than one,’ ‘I can’t get you out of my egg,’ ‘Let’s put our eggs together,’ ‘You’ve got your egg in the clouds,’ ‘I was asleep as soon as my egg hit the pillow,’ ‘Running around like an egg-less chicken,’ and so on.

(Of course it works the other way around too – ‘Putting all your heads in one basket,’ – but it’s harder to think of well-known phrases or sayings containing ‘egg’.)

Quite often, Wifie and I will have an outbreak of such silliness. It’s the verbal equivalent of jumping in puddles or playing with mud. Daft and definitely frowned on in adult company but so much fun! And I recommend it to all my readers. We spend so much time filling our eggs with education, burying our eggs in the sand, trying to get an egg, that we need to take a few minutes off from all this sensibleness every now and then, or we'd end up needing our eggs examined.

Then, restored, we can return to the serious business of Life and face it with our eggs held high.

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