28 January, 2007

Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll !

From the blog 'Out came one thought and then another…' is a reminder that last Friday was Lewis Carroll’s 175th birthday. And there was I trying to avoid “Australia Day’ last Friday when all the time there was something really worthwhile to celebrate. Next “Australia Day” I promise I’ll raise a glass to the old paedophile. (And I keep writing “Australia Day” in quotes because it is obviously one of those “days” that were dreamed up by a marketing consultant. Of course, that doesn’t stop a certain element among the Aussies from going out partying on the strength of it. You could declare “Dead Budgie Day” and this lot would go out and dance in fountains with flags round them and a stubbie in each hand – and stuffed budgies tied to their heads just to show they weren’t being gratuitously venal.)

The interesting thing about 'Out came one thought and then another…' is that I’d never have known it existed if it hadn’t mentioned my own blog in one of its posts. In fact, it is one of the more fascinating side effects of blogging that strangers read your maunderings and comment on them. This is what led me to Three Beautiful Things a while ago and set me reading The Japing Ape the other day.

The Japing Ape is a blog written by a gorilla. At least, that what the author’s profile says. Whoever this guy is, he maintains the fiction religiously. Each post is written as if by a gorilla. (Hey, maybe I need a gimmck like that! Do you think I could pass as a cane toad?) It’s pretty amusing stuff too – if you like your blogs whacky, bordering on completely insane. He specialises in imaginary conversations between himself (a gorilla) and various characters from real life or elsewhere. I was amazed to discover a rather naughty conversation between Lady Penelope and her chauffeur Parker. The characters are, of course, from Thunderbirds and the dialogue is so wooden, you could really imagine it coming from the brains of puppets.

Silly stuff but I like to discover such oddities now and then. It is one of the great pleasures of the Web.


Gorilla Bananas said...

"Whoever this guy is, he maintains the fiction religiously. Each post is written as if by a gorilla."

The "guy" is a gorilla, he lives in the Congo and his spies are everywhere. You're welcome to join our debates, Mr Graywave, but there's no need to imply that I'm a hoaxer.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean Australia Day in quotes. I'm an Aussie proud of it and love celebrating it. So instead of having a BBQ with your mates a few drinks and a game of cricket you would rather think about a pervert. Nice to know.

graywave said...

Hey, I think about perverts all the time. And who's to say any of my mates are any better to hang out with? Anyway it just creeps me out that "Australia Day" was invented by the goverment in order to encourage patriotic feelings among the white settlers. (Just have a look at www.australiaday.gov.au if you want to see how creepy it all is.) And why do governments ever want to instill patriotism? So that when they feel like invading countries like Iraq, people will go along with it because it's in our 'national interest' - and sod the poor buggers who get invaded! (Damn - I've been trying so hard not to rant lately and now look what you've made me do.)

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