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09 December, 2006

The Perfect Anti-Spam Technique

I just want to explain a simple but completely effective way to stop spam.

Like me, you probably get loads of this stuff in your email all the time, offering you cheap software, get-rich-quick schemes, and fixes for your sexual dysfunction – not to mention the more flagrant scams like requests to launder money for rich Nigerians. Like me you probably loathe and despise the people who send out this rubbish and wish there was a way of making them suffer for it. Also like me, you would like to stop the practice completely and force these parasites to go out and get proper jobs.

Well, now you can. This simple but effective technique will stop spam forever and drive every spammer in the world out of business. And here it is. Ready? OK.

When you get an unsolicited email from somebody offering to sell you something, don’t buy it.

That’s all there is to it. If everybody followed this simple rule, there would be no more spam, ever.

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