08 September, 2006

Spot the Monkey

I note that the Pope appears to be winding himself up to make an announcement in favour of ‘intelligent design’ and in opposition to ‘evolution’. Of course, the Pope is a raving nutcase who talks to people who aren’t there. In a sane world, the views of such a weirdo would be derided, if they were noticed at all, but this is not a sane world and a pronouncement by this guy could help blight the education of millions of children around the world and set the cause of Being Sensible back another generation.

There are so many ways in which support for ‘intelligent design’ is nuts and so many ways in which denigrating ‘evolution’ is stupid that I hardly know where to begin – and I don’t just want to rant about the evils of religion, however satisfying that might be. So, I’ll confine myself to just two things that I’d like to say:

  • ‘intelligent design’ is a very weak and sloppy idea, and
  • ‘evolution’ is not ‘just a theory’ it is a brilliant and compelling piece of reasoning.

It’s going to take me two posts to fit all this in so, if you’re interested, here is the critique of ‘intelligent design’ and here is the praise for the theory of evolution. I’m sorry that one of them is rather long.

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