19 September, 2006

C'mon, be reasonable

The big problem with America is that it is just too important to leave to the Americans.

Let’s face it, if the Americans keep raising their interest rate and slowing down their economy, they won’t buy so much. Which means that China can’t sell them all that electronics junk they want to buy. Which means that China’s boom goes stagnant, the factories close, and their demand for raw materials goes flaccid. Which means Australia can’t sell the Chinese so much coal and gas and iron ore and copper, and on and on. With an economy like the USA’s, anything that goes wrong there messes things up for everyone else.

Then there’s the War Thing. Alright, I’m sure it feels great to be the biggest kid on the block and all those little tin-pot countries that won’t kow-tow must be very irritating but when the Yanks go swaggering over there to beat the crap out of them, why does everybody else have to join in? Especially the Aussies!

Then there’s the Coke and the Macdonalds and the Starbucks and the dumbed-down spelling and the dumbed-down films and all their other cultural exports. They’re a marketing phenomenon and their impact on us all is huge!

So, in return, I feel it is only fair that everyone else in the world should get to vote in American elections. That way we would all get some say in who we fight, what we eat, and where we’d like to set our unemployment rate.

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