06 March, 2009

Catholics in Disgrace

Once you start believing in things that are not real, they can lead you into all kinds of bizarre ethical quagmires.

If a nine year old child had been raped by her stepfather and became pregnant, most people would see the whole affair as repugnant and awful. Most would see the stepfather as a monster and the child as the victim of a hideous crime - especially when the pregnancy, according to her doctors, threatens her life. Most people would do everything they could to help the child.

Sadly, this is not a hypothetical situation. It actually happened, recently, in Brazil. And the child was pregnant with twins.

The child was given an abortion, of course. What other sensible action could there be? What else could a compassionate and caring society do? Who in their right mind would inflict a full-term pregnancy on a nine-year-old rape victim, along with whatever psychological harm there might be for her if she survived it?


Which is why the rantings and ravings of the Catholic Church seem especially twisted and inhuman in this particular instance. They say the child should have been made to suffer the full term of the pregnancy and the possibility of her death - and the death of the twins - because of their bizarre beliefs. The Church has villified the doctors who most probably saved the child's life, and they have villified the child's mother. They have also excommunicated the whole medical team and the mother (the child too, for all I know) - for all the harm that will do anybody.

It makes me want to cry out 'What is wrong with these sick bastards?' It makes you ask how anybody could be so cruel and care so little for the welfare of this poor child.

Yet the answer is painfully obvious. Catholics believe in a magic being who tells them what to do and what to think. The scribblings of some deranged mystics, thousands of years ago, have become the laws that these people must follow. Laws so weird, vague, and self-contradictory that Catholic witch-doctors can give their 'blessings' to Hitler's armies but they can't show compassion for a child whose life has been devastated and who desperately needs help.

The Catholic Church has done more than most over the past couple of thousand years to destroy the lives and innocence of young children. Maybe it's time they sought psychological counselling instead of inflicting this sickness on more helpless children.


Timothy Carter said...

Good post, man. Tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Did they by any chance excommunicate the rapist father?

Thought not.

This must be a further nail in the coffin of the Catholic church. There is an irresistible parallel which has to be drawn between this conduct and the Church hierarchy's protection of Catholic priests who sexually abuse children.

elisa said...

hey I just discovered your blog and I agree 100% on two out of two posts!

graywave said...

That's great, Elisa! (Or should that be Claudia?) Feel free to agree with as many of them as you like :-)

I should maybe set it as a competition. There are over 230 posts on this blog. Anyone agreeing with more than, say, 150 of them gets an "I've got nothing better to do than read Waving Not Drowning all day" T-shirt. Anyone who agrees with 200 or more gets to be me for a year and write the next 200 posts.

Incidentally, your blogs are also fascinating and, it turns out, I have been to Annecy a few times too. It is a very small world.

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