15 July, 2008

The Saddest Olympic Games Yet

Don't you think it's sad that the Chinese feel they have to take dog off the menu in Beijing during the Olympics? I mean, for heaven's sake, this is your country, people. If squeamish American tourists don't like what you eat, tell them to stay at home and eat Macdonalds.

Sadder by far, however, is the fact that so many people will be going to China to watch a bunch of people throwing things and jumping things and running round and round. It will inject plenty of money into the Chinese economy of course (maybe the organisers will celebrate afterwards with a nice dog dinner) but of all the things to spend your money, time and energies on, trailing out to Beijing to watch sports seems like just about the most futile I can imagine. (All the people trailing out to Sydney for World Youth Day has it beat but WYD is so exceptionally stupid it isn't a fair comparison.)

Even sadder than all this, however, is the fact that, while the Chinese want to avoid offending Westerners by keeping dogs off our dinner plates, they don't seem to feel the need to release political prisoners, to stop torturing people, to leave Tibet alone, or to allow free and fair elections - even for the two weeks while we're in town. They obviously understand that such things don't offend us anywhere near as much as fried pets.


Jan Katers said...

Totally agree with the last paragraph Graham! I love to watch sport (though) but have decided to not watch the Beijng Olympics for this very reason


Yovia Network said...

I can not go to the olympics because I am scared of eating something I don't want to. I mean I know that there are guides out there for eating but I am a vegetarian so =/ Mind you I think it is ridiculous that they have banned dog. I mean if a great Indian team came would we shut down all beef sales? God no we would not let them take away our precious beef.

graywave said...

Thanks, Jan. Nice to know there's at least one sportsman with a conscience out there!

And Yovia Network (I assume that's not your real name) don't the Chinese have some great vegetarian dishes?

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