17 January, 2008

Mike Huckabee is too stupid to be president

Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is an idiot. He has publicly stated that he does not believe in evolution. This is like stating you do not believe the world is round or that the Sun shines because of nuclear fusion. We have just as much evidence for these things as we have for evolution but, somehow, an idiot like Huckabee can believe in fusion, or electricity, or gas chromatography, or a million other things for which there is massive evidence, but he can't believe in evolution!

Of course, a belief in evolution sits uncomfortably with a literal interpretation of the Bible, so, if you're an idiot, you have to reject the vast amount of evidence that exists, the overwhelming logic of the arguments that tie it all into the theory, the vastly interconnected evidence and theory that ties evolution into the rest of biology, chemistry and physics – that is, all the other things you're happy to believe in. The stupidity of a position like this is just unbelievable.

It's no wonder that the man is also stupid enough to believe he could do a good job of running America. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that he's an idiot and he can't.


Dan said...

Being devoid of logic didn't stop George "dubwa" Bush from being president - twice!. I guess Huckabee therefore believes he's in with a chance. Although for him to believe that, it would require the application of logic... What a conundrum! Maybe he's just running because he has nothing better to do?


beverly said...

Sad to admit but there are hundreds of thousands of these idiots in my country and they are growing in number. Dubya gave them a voice. In case you haven't notice the US is moving into the Dark Ages and the leader is on a crusade to control the oil fields for Christ Savings and Loan Bank.

graywave said...

And I'm sad to say, Beverley, that from the outside, it often looks that way. I read some stats the other day that said - laws and recent court rulings to the contracry - one in eight biology teachers in the US teach Creationism as an alternative to evolution! It's hard to imagine just what it must be like.

I'm hoping things will be better over there when Obama is president (although he's still a religious loony, long afilliated with a pretty extreme church). Then we might see an end to some of the worst excesses and a bit more separation between church and state.

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