14 October, 2006

Why It All Looks So Familiar

Faithful reader, I just wanted to let you know that I will be away from home for the next week. This is to explain why there will be no blog postings during this period. I haven’t got bored. I haven’t died (well, I’m assuming not). I haven’t thrown down my keyboard in disgust at the whole pointless, narcissistic exercise. I haven’t been abducted by aliens. I haven’t run off with the blowsy blonde next-door, defected to the East (I suppose that would be Argentina from here), or been arrested (again, I’m making assumptions here).

No. I’ve just gone on holiday.

So, while I’m away with my toes in the sand, here are some alternative blogs to keep you going. You’ve got to promise to come back though. It’s awfully lonely out here in cyberspace – no-one can hear you scream and all that – so have a heart.

Bye for now.


Birdmonster - really, really trying to be amusing.

Timbuktoo Chronicles - Basically, to prove that my blog is quite interesting by comparison.

The Mustn't Grumble - "Rockin' Old-Timey Gypsy Jazz Folk Swing" if you can believe that. Very pink.

Nurse Ratched's Blog Spot - with a bit of a 'doctors and nurses' theme...

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